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Proposed objectives of the project are;

  1. To build a team of competent social workers  and other related professionals in the service of rendering help to distressed families
  2. Build an organized system worthy
  3. Facilitate affordable wedlock
  4. Support conflict resolution in families through counseling, education, enlightenment, mediation and conciliation
  5. To encourage youths to wed in the Christian way before starting a family
  6. Ensure a good foundation for family life which will eventually rob off on the children and the society at large
  7. To help improve self esteem  and acceptance of women in the church of God
  8. To sensitize youths and the society on the need to embrace family-centered marriage ceremonies as opposed to society –centered wedding  ceremonies
  9. Increased the level of commitment  in church activities by young couples among low income earners
  10. Minimize the rate of abortion and fornication among intending couples during courtship
  11. Encourage marriage at the prime time.



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